Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet the New Queen

She sounds a little like a supply side economist, offering toil, sweat and rewards;

“My Government’s legislative programme will continue to focus on building a stronger economy so that the United Kingdom can compete and succeed in the world,” she said.
“It will also work to promote a fairer society that rewards people who work hard.”
The Queen added: “My ministers will continue to prioritise measures that reduce the deficit – ensuring interest rates are kept low for homeowners and businesses.
“My Government is committed to building an economy where people who work hard are properly rewarded.”
In their introduction setting out the programme of reforms, the Prime Minister and his deputy say that the theme of the Queen’s Speech is “about backing people who work hard and want to get on”.
Though there's something for traditional socialists (from Her Majesty's Conservative government!);
*A series of measures to help boost the economic recovery including reform of the energy and water sectors. The legislation necessary for high-speed rail will also be brought forward.... 

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