Friday, January 4, 2013

Upon further review

We might want to rethink the idea of 'non-profit' (which Milton Friedman long ago suggested ought to be called 'non-taxed') too;

As members of Congress pledged Thursday to revive legislation to save the U.S. Postal Service, a Washington think tank said it will conduct an independent study of how the quasi-government agency could cede much of its operation to private companies.
The review by the nonprofit National Academy of Public Administration will analyze the benefits of restoring the agency's financial health by using a "hybrid" model, which would farm out to the private sector postal operations other than the last delivery mile. A letter carrier would still drive or walk that last part, dropping letters and packages in mailboxes.
Or, let's reinvent the wheel known as 'business'.

And, pardon us for suspecting an ulterior motive;

The Postal Service declined to comment on the study, underwritten by Pitney Bowes, which makes postage meters and other business-mailing equipment.

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