Sunday, January 20, 2013

No sólo de pan

In Spain it's all out war on the bread maker who can deliver el pan;
The mastermind behind the "Valencia bread wars" has lost the mother ship. On December 21, the regional health department shut down José Navarro's main bakery in Ribarroja as a "precautionary measure."
These premises baked most of the 50,000 loaves that were delivered each day to other branches in the Valencia area. Navarro's bread had become famous in the region because it was being sold at 20 cents, a quarter of the regular price at other bakeries.
As a result, people were standing in line for hours to buy his cheap baguettes.The competition had accused Navarro of selling at a loss and of starting a price war that would signal the demise of many small bakeries in Valencia.
Let them eat la torta!

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