Saturday, January 12, 2013

'No' es una tontería

Preguntas they forgot to ask before this historia was written;
Chile is getting its first shot at an Oscar for best foreign-language film, along with global attention and a boost to its thriving film industry with the nomination of “No.”
....“No” revisits a publicity campaign that helped oust Gen. Augusto Pinochet from power after 16 years as a dictator.
Gael Garcia Bernal plays Rene Saavedra, a formerly exiled advertising hot shot drawn into a 1988 referendum TV campaign who tries to persuade people to vote “No” to eight more years of Pinochet.
would be, 'Could this have happened if Salvador Allende had not first been over thrown by Pinochet?'

Because Allende didn't make any apologies to journalists (such as Georgie Anne Geyer) who asked Allende about there being any more elections once he was in office:  'You don't understand.  Everything will be different then.'

There certainly weren't any elections on whether or not Allende's idol Fidel Castro would continue in office in Cuba, and still aren't.  So Chileans owe a big debt to Augusto Pinochet, who peacefully left the country to its destiny--which seems to be to continue to prosper as it had when he was 'dictator'-- when he saw he wasn't popular.

But, a story of how Pinochet had to fight to rid his country of a petty tyrant who was destroying Chile (one of the most prosperous South American countries until Allende took power); it's economy as well as its democracy, wouldn't get anywhere with Hollywood, and its fervent leftish denizens.

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