Thursday, January 24, 2013

Go Fish

New Zealand sets the trend for American fast food, and can barely contain its glee;

McDonald's used the Dollar Menu to help lift its profit in the latest quarter. Now the world's biggest hamburger chain is turning to a pipeline of new menu items to boost slumping sales, starting with
"Fish McBites."
The company is betting that it will be able to beat back intensifying competition and economic pressures with the lineup, which executives said includes new burgers, chicken entrees and breakfast offerings that are performing well in test markets.
The Fish McBites, which will come in three sizes and use the same Alaskan pollock used in the Filet-O-Fish, are set to be launched as a limited-time addition in February.
McDonald's NZ spokesman Simon Kenny said there were no short term plans to bring Fish McBites to New Zealand, but the company would be watching to see how it went in the US.
"Interestingly, Chicken McBites was a product developed in New Zealand and Australia, that was then picked up by other McDonald's markets, including the US," said Kenny.
And fish do come from down under. 

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