Saturday, June 29, 2013

Threat to Democracy in Chile

Contrary to the claims of the usual suspects, the threat comes from the political left;
While other schools have been under student occupation for weeks, petitioning education reform, students occupied Manuel de Salas [high school] for the first time this year Wednesday night. In this case, education reform —the theme of many “tomas”— was a secondary issue in comparison to concerns about the presidential primaries that will be held across the country this weekend.
“Sunday, they have authorized primary elections and the high school is one of these (voting) places,” student Gabriela Zunida told The Santiago Times. “We do not support these elections.”
At the school, 118 protesters were detained for disrupting the public order in a future polling location, All protesters were released the day they were detained, said Carabineros Director of Communications Jose Mora.  
According to Chilean law, armed forces and police would stand guard at polling stations on Friday in preparation for Sunday elections to ensure the voting areas are not tampered with prior to the arrival of voters. Following violent interactions between police and “encapuchados,” or hooded protesters, President Sebestián Piñera ordered high schools designated as polling sites and occupied by students, to be cleared early — by 3 a.m. Thursday.
For those without a scorecard; President Sebestián Piñera is not a man of the left. He's usually called a 'conservative'. He's the one standing up to the protesters who are saying, "We do not support these elections.”

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