Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not making them like they used to

Communists.  In Chile. They're issuing requests to Michelle Bachelet the leader of the left-wing coalition in the upcoming presidential election;
The PC [Partido Comunista] program team created a list of seven desired focus points ranging from a new constitution, changes to the current pension system and social issues like education and improved health care in Chile. Also highlighted were labor reform, human rights, decentralization and strengthening Latin American foreign policy.  
Juan Gajardo, PC representative, told The Santiago Times that the party would be most insistent on constitutional change and tax reforms. 
The PC supports changing the constitution through drafts created by a constitutional assembly, a group of citizens elected by the public, as well as academics and experts in constitutional reforms. 
[Guillermo] Teillier, however, expressed his apprehension with legality of a citizen assembly, as it is currently not considered in the constitution.
Teillier, the president of the PC, wants to observe the constitution! Maybe he learned what happens to guys who don't.

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