Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sandinismo es el capitalismo

Was it Marx who said history repeats itself; first as revolution, then as Adam Smith's last laugh? Even Daniel Ortega's Nicaraguan government bows to the inevitable, and taps international capital markets to build what 'the people' need, but haven't got the money to do themselves;
Nicaragua's parliament is due to vote on Thursday on one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Latin America's history – a trans-oceanic canal that is to be built and run by a Chinese company.
...."This will be the largest project in Latin America in 100 years," Ronald Maclean, the executive fronting the operation in Managua told the Guardian. "If Nicaragua gets to do this, it is going to be a transformational project not only for Nicaragua but for the region."
....A one-year viability study is now under way and the operators soon plan to tap international financial markets in New York, London and Tokyo for investment in a scheme that they say will be entirely privately funded. President Daniel Ortega is also said to be promoting the scheme in meetings with ambassadors from Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Canada.
Oliver North could not be reached for comment.

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