Saturday, June 8, 2013

The gain in Jaén

Remains a secret in Seattle, where the Mayor, Mike McGinn, according to left-wing PI reporter Joel Connelly; a relentless trolley advocate and is directing a streetcar blitzkrieg in the manner of an urban version of Rommel or Patton.

The metaphor for destruction (at great expenditure of taxpayers' money) is apt. Though, since the technology favored by McGinn dates back into the 19th century, the General ought to be Sherman. With Seattle looking like the Atlanta known to Scarlett O'Hara;
The First Hill Streetcar project has caused construction disruption in the International District, periodic closures of major streets connecting the Central District and east Seattle neighborhoods with downtown, and has eliminated traffic lanes and parking spaces along Broadway.
In February, after the city refused to suspend First Hill construction during the weekend before the Lunar New Year,  The Seattle Times editorialized:
“It’s hard to imagine the city shutting down traffic at Fifth and Pine Street [where Nordstrom's flagship store is located] on the second or third weekends of December.  But that’s what it did to the Chinatown-International District.  Customers sat in traffic, or more likely drove to Bellevue and Kent to buy glutinous rice cakes, candied fruit and red envelopes.”
....Which raises an interesting question:
If McGinn is elected to a second term, and if the Central City Connector goes ahead, WOULD the city shut down traffic at Fifth and Pine Street on the second or third weekends of December?
War is hell.  So , apparently, is streetcarmania.

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