Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vote the bum in

According to the wife of Congressman Jim McDermott, whom she accuses of hiding financial assets from her;
[Therese] Hansen and her attorney have accused McDermott of concealing assets at the outset of their marriage and stonewalling discovery requests for financial documents and personal diaries during the case.
"Petitioner is an influential U.S. Congressman who apparently believes the rules don't apply to him, they only apply to his wife," Hansen's attorney, Gail Wahrenberger, wrote in a June legal filing.
Not that there's anything wrong with that, she says;
Despite the apparent acrimony in the case, Hansen told the court she had no intention of trying to harm McDermott politically.
"I am proud of Petitioner's long career as a public servant. ... I will vote for him, just as I have every two years since I moved to Seattle in 1989," Hansen wrote in an April 16 declaration.

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