Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nerd and the Gang

We're not invited to celebrate and bring our good times, but at least we can press our noses against the window of the Nobel Symposium, says Richard Baldwin;

These events – held on 3-8 September – will gather a spectacular array of inner-circle economists in Stockholm to talk about three of today’s toughest economic questions:
The list of speakers, discussants and panellists is mind-boggling, and includes: Acemoglu, Aghion, Banerjee, Barro, Burgess, Duflo, Goldin, Helpman, Karlan, Kremer, Krusell, Lucas, Mullainathan, Persson, Romer, Shleifer, Stokey, Tabellini, Van Reenen, and Vives.
This is definitely the sort of inner-circle gathering you would not have been invited to. Come to think of it, you haven’t been, but despite that you can watch and even contribute questions. This is a great opportunity for young scholars to get ideas and insights. Just tune into (it’ll be working as soon as the conference starts).
Be there, and be square! 

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