Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mini maxed to the gilt

Filthy lucre at an international sporting event!  Who'dda thought it could happen;

LONDON — Olympic venues are supposed to be free of sponsor ads, but night after night BMW's iconic Mini car is right there in the middle of the main stadium at the London Games.
The automaker is deploying miniature remote-controlled versions to move track and field equipment around Olympic Stadium.
The International Olympic Committee's (IOC) in-house broadcaster has regularly zoomed in on the cars and sent images to networks globally, giving BMW wide exposure of its brand.
The IOC's television and marketing director, Timo Lumme, said at a news conference the rules weren't being breached because the cars don't have any branding.
But they feature the phrase "it's a MINI adventure," and Lumme later acknowledged that from "the silhouette ... you can recognize it's a Mini."
Speaking of famous silhouettes in the Olympics;
LONDON — Misty May-Treanor danced on the sand and then off it, leaving Horse Guards Parade with Kerri Walsh Jennings and a third gold medal. 

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