Saturday, May 12, 2012

Will Wash for Food

So, you don't need a cab because you own a car...but, it's dirty;

On a recent Saturday morning I decided I wanted a car wash. So did a lot of other people. Lines are long at car washes on the weekend, and this is why my car is usually filthy. So instead of passing my time in the car wash line while listening to Click and Clack on Car Talk, I simply ordered a car wash on my iPad using Cherry.
Within minutes, Cherry’s app told me Michael would arrive to my address within an hour. Another hour later my car was sparklingly clean inside and out. Michael used a nifty three-gallon pump and a vacuum. The wash cost $29.00, roughly $10 more than if I’d headed to my local car wash. Michael was friendly, but not particularly chatty. That’s fine. He’s cleaning my car, not raising my kids. He did a nice job.
Just wait until the Washington DC Car Wash Commission gets a load of this. 

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