Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not your father's Oldsmobile

Too bad this PBS video on American manufacturing can't be force fed to America's talk radio and cable television audiences.  It's all about the innovation, creation and destruction constantly at play in manufacturing.  Joseph Schumpeter didn't say it half so...economically.

The viewer gets inside looks at the newly dispersed automobile industry, modern steel industry, computer chips and social networks.  Cameras show how robots 'do the work' that once tired American workers at a VW plant--yes, part of the new American automobile industry.  How Nucor transformed the American steel industry into a re-cycler of scrap metal.  How the ultra-clean environment at Intel has transformed computers into the marvels we carry around in our pockets in the 21st century.

Videos worth thousands of words to counter the belief that we don't make anything in America anymore.

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