Thursday, May 17, 2012

Got yer Mo Do workin'

Proving that math class is hard, the NY Times perennial junior high gal shows she's one of the in crowd;
New York City's chief audit officer is urging [JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie] Dimon to "claw back" salary and bonuses paid to the top executives who dragged the bank into the excessive risk. That would be a first for Wall Street. Dimon says he is "likely" to do it, but is loathe to "act like a judge and jury" with Ina Drew, the head of the investment office who resigned on Monday, given that she lost $2 billion on that deal while she was making $9 billion on others.
Uh huh, people who produce a net $7 billion for you should have their bonuses 'clawed back', because....

The perfect should always be the enemy of the good, that's the best way to incentive-ize your work force?

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