Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Et tu, WSJ?

Apparently short of fact checkers, the Wall Street Journal turns to an elderly Texas banker for yet another iteration of Glass-Steagall, We Hardly Knew Ye;

We need a real and impregnable firewall that keeps one part of the banking system—and the economy—from being consumed when the other goes into flames.
The combination of both banking cultures in a single institution—which had been separated for decades by the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 until the 1990s—brought us to the doorstep of global financial-system collapse a few years ago. If the nation stays on its current path, we could see another crisis.
We are approaching a state of affairs in which an oligopoly of a few major institutions dominates our entire banking system. There's little evidence those institutions will share the concerns and dedication of my Uncle Joe—and many like-minded bankers in his time and since. If we truly separate the cultures of commercial and investment banking, the clients of both will prosper.
Sisyphus didn't suffer this much.

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