Monday, September 1, 2014

La sociedad no consumidor

The Good Life, Cuban version;
Beginning Monday, September 1, the Cuban government will restrict the amount of products that travelers arriving to the island can bring into the country.
....The new measure imposes severe restrictions on the importation of electronics, computer equipment, food items, personal hygiene products, clothing, and footwear. In total, there are 381 types of products across 17 categories that will be restricted.
“It is a regulation that restricts imports to stimulate purchases in the country … so the country receives income, rather than my income being exported in order to bring in goods from abroad,” said Yahili García, director of the Department of Tariff Policy of the Ministry of Finance and Prices.
The new regulations replace existing restrictions, established in 2011, and represent a significant increase in limits on imports from the previous policy.
Too much abundance for the comrades, being bad for morale.

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