Thursday, October 3, 2013

To the Barackades!

We can't let the citizens fend for themselves, that would be too dangerous;
The Claude Moore Colonial Farm in McLean, Virginia has also been closed down because of its location on federally owned property. A notice on the farm’s website states, “In previous budget dramas, the Farm has always been exempted since the NPS provides no staff or resources to operate the Farm.” Managing Director Anna Eberly wrote, “We have operated the Farm successfully for 32 years after the NPS cut the Farm from its budget in 1980 and are fully staffed and prepared to open today. But there are barricades at the Pavilions and entrance to the Farm.”
Also attempted; the parking lot at George Washington's Mt. Vernon and the WWII memorial sitting outside in a public park in D.C.
Warren Meyer, an Arizona businessman who runs private campgrounds on federal land, posted a letter to his congressman and senators on his blog complaining that he has been ordered to shut down despite the fact that he is a tenant of the federal government and receives no funds from them.
Are there essential government workers staging these closures?

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