Thursday, October 3, 2013

A shutdown a tiempo salva?

That was close, for Venezuela, but those anarchist Republicans may have saved its bacon--if they had any;
Emergency in electrical service, food supply, infrastructure and health, as well as fight against inflation, encompass the terminology used by the Venezuelan Government. These are some of the terms that announce big campaigns and extreme measures to be taken by the Venezuelan Government for the purpose of tackling the different crises recorded in key areas of production and economy. The Government links these crises with "sabotage" caused by the empire, the rightwing and fascism.
[El Presidente] Nicolás Maduro upholds that such attacks have been labeled as "Total Collapse," whose critical point is to occur next October. "I have the data at hand, the dates of such meetings at the White House, the name of attendees, and the plans they made. They believe that Venezuela will collapse in October; that is what they have planned, they were going to sabotage people's food supply, electrical service, fuel and oil refineries."
Thanks to a higher power?
The thought of "sabotage and conspiracy" and the conception of around 60 assassination attempts have prevailed in different critical stages in Venezuela. Maduro has made an appeal to face them by militarizing state-led companies, by establishing organizations with catchy names, such as "Higher Authority for the People's Defense of the Economy" and even a hotline called 0800-sabotage. 

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