Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chile: 'A la izquierda, no hacia adelante.'

To the Communists and President Bachelet, children are legitimate hostages;
These proposed regulations are part of a sweeping education-reform package. Beyond restrictions on elementary-school exclusivity, the House committee has approved a ban on for-profit status in all educational organizations that receive government funding. The levers of regulation and state funding will, for example, challenge schools that participate in the prevailing voucher program.
That is, the proposed legislation is to keep poor kids from attending schools where they might not be subject to left-wing propaganda, but only lectura, escritura, aritmética. And they might not be hounded with anti-Pinochet diatribes.

Some Chileans see what the government is up to;
Hernán Herrera, president of Independent Schools of Chile (CONACEP), has spoken out in a newspaper op-ed with the headline “Maximum Segregation,” published in La Tercera. His organization has united representatives of private and subsidized schools, as they express their fears that these reforms are a step on the road to destroying the nontraditional schools in Chile.
.... Herrera says “Equity includes the right of every student to access the same subsidies from the state, and not to be distinguished by the school they attend.”
All the children are now equal under education law. Bachelet wants those who attend her preferred schools to be more equal than the others.

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