Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Poetry in the motion

Hey, so he was a Stalin apologist.  He could rhyme couldn't he;
A cross-party group of parliamentarians announced Tuesday a bill which, if it succeeds where previous attempts have failed and overcomes political divisions, will re-name Chile’s most important airport to honor Pablo Neruda — on the condition it is his poetry and not his leftist politics that is memorialized.
....This attempt to rename the country’s most important airport is not the first, however. As [Deputy Issa] Kort noted, previous efforts proved controversial due to the Nobel Prize-winning poet’s extensive involvement with with and support for the government of former marxist President Salvador Allende. The cross-party group supporting this bill believes the new proposed title, “Poet Pablo Neruda,” is a more palatable alternative.
Maybe naming a library after him might be more appropriate, then.

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