Monday, April 1, 2013

Nice part-time work, if you can get it

And, you can get it if you hit in Spring Training, like Jason Bay (the $19 Million Dollar Man?);
Bay, 34, was released by the Mets last year with $19 million still remaining on his contract after three tough seasons in New York, but has been relaxed and productive with the Mariners from the start of camp and said he's eager to do whatever he can to help this season.
While the New York team will be paying him that $19 million, he found another gig to supplement that income;

By making the 25-man roster, Bay is now guaranteed all $1 million of the Major League contract he signed with the Mariners in December. That deal assured him only $500,000 unless he made the team.
He'll also be eligible for up to $2 million more in bonuses if he accumulates enough playing time this season. The deal kicks in an extra $250,000 if he reaches 350 plate appearances, with another $250,000 every additional 25 plate appearances up to 425 and then $200,000 at additional levels from 450 up to 550.
But Bay said he's not worried about playing time.
Who would be, in his situation? 

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