Friday, April 5, 2013

Gute Schlechtes Beispiel

April 2015 may be Germany's cruelest month in 70 years, as the copyright on Mein Kampf expires and it enters public domain.  Meaning that the government might not be able to keep that unpleasant chapter in history, buried any longer;
Until 2016, the German state of Bavaria will continue to hold exclusive publication rights to "Mein Kampf." Since inheriting those rights after the Second World War, the German state has prevented the book's reprinting within Germany's borders in order to avoid the dissemination of National Socialist ideology.
Or, Germans won't be able to hide their eyes after that?  Officially, the politicians admit to having little faith in their Mitmenschen;

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann is more frank in his own assessment. In February, speaking of Hitler's book, he said that, "The original text has a clearly discriminative character with regard to relevant laws." The minister has called for legal action to be taken against anyone distributing "Mein Kampf."
The laws in question are found in on Paragraph 130 of Germany's legal code, says lawyer and media expert Tim Hoesmann. Hitler clearly defames individuals and religious groups within "Mein Kampf," Hoesmann says, making it very likely that it the book will be banned under German law.
Maybe it would be better to face reality and admit that they went off on the wrong tracks once--socialism--but now have seen the light of capitalism and democracy, and are actually the masters of Europe.  Better than delusions of being the Master Race.

Living well, being the best example.

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