Friday, November 1, 2013

El frecuentar

Just in time for Halloween--but who's surprised that a subway under construction is a nightmare;
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro asserted on Wednesday that the face of late President Hugo Chávez was seen and photographed in a tunnel by workers of the new line of Caracas subway, which is currently under construction.
"They (workers) handed me a cell phone with a photo on it, and they said to me ‘Look, Maduro, we took this picture a few days ago at 2 a.m... We were working and the figure suddenly appeared,'" Maduro said as he showed a picture. "It disappeared as soon as it appeared," the president added.
Too bad he didn't disappear many years ago, and Chavezmo was only an illusion. Madurosmo sure isn't, and it looks like it might be worse than the original;
Venezuelan Executive Vice-president Jorge Arreaza said that economic actors have deliberately injected liquidity into the economy to create pressure and use it as a tool of the so-called economic war waged by entrepreneurs against the country.
Arreaza commented that such actors have been singled out already and that soon President Nicolás Maduro would disclose their names.
¡Qué lástima!

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