Thursday, October 3, 2013


The French legislature wants less reading;
The French parliament approved the bill on Thursday that would prevent online retailers like Amazon from offering free delivery in addition to a discounted selling price. It updates a law on the books for decades that says editors must set a selling price for a book, and that retailers could only apply for a discount of up to five percent from that price. The law sought to protect small bookstores from large chains.
Online retailers such as Amazon often offer lower prices on books in addition to free shipping. The measure passed the lower house National Assembly in France on Thursday and must still be considered by the upper house, the Senate.
Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti said Amazon was participating in price dumping and "below-cost selling."
"The proof is that they don't offer free [shipping] in countries where there is no fixed book price," she said.
I think not, therefore... 

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