Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When assault pressure cookers are outlawed...

Only Spanish terrorists will have them;

A pressure cooker allegedly used for bombs during Sunday’s Boston Marathon were made in Spain, according to US investigators.
At a news conference on Wednesday, authorities said that they had found destroyed parts of a Fagor-made pressure cooker along with a detonator and cables they believed were used to set off the explosive devices during the race, taking the lives of three people and injuring close to 180.
....Pressure cookers have been used by terrorists to fabricate bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq, India and Nepal. According to a Spanish government terrorism report, these improvised artifacts have been used more than 200 plots and actual terrorist attacks in the United States from 2001 to 2011.

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  1. Applying the reasoning of the current gun debate, I would expect Obama, Biden, and other high government officials to appear on stage with the Boston Marathon wounded and full size pictures of the dead. They will call for universal registration and licensing of pressure cookers. The threat to the public is just too great. The yearly toll from pressure cooker accidents is unnecessary. Ownership of pressure cookers is not protected by an amendment in the Constitution.

    Pressure cookers have no valid defensive purpose. They are useful only for cooking tough meats and beans, for unusual and dangerous chemical experiments, and for mass murder.

    It is time to finally end the violence.

    - -
    This is criticism of our politicians. I have only the deepest sympathy for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. May the bombers be swiftly brought to justice.