Tuesday, April 23, 2013

He COULD quit his day job, and make it as a writer for Leno

Steve Margolis, co-author with Stan Liebowitz of The Troubled Path of the Lock-In Movement (and numerous other scholarly papers bearing on the 'new' economics of path dependence) appears to find as much amusement as we do in W. Brian Arthur's latest contribution to the genre, Complexity Economics:
A Different Framework for Economic Thought.  Which concludes with

Complexity economics  is still in its early days and many economists  are  pushing its boundaries outward.  It shows us an economy perpetually inventing itself, perpetually creating possibilities for exploitation, perpetually open to response. An economy that is not dead, static, timeless, and perfect, but one that is  alive,  ever-changing,  organic,  and full of messy vitality.
Steve e-mails us; Hey, with all this stuff about the economy being living, messy, etc, maybe he's on his way to becoming an Austrian. 


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