Saturday, March 2, 2013

Golden Rule

And the cartel that is the NCAA has the gold, so it can enforce its rules against giving kids something they might have earned;
MORAGA, Calif. -- One of the most powerful mid-major programs in college basketball has been found guilty of breaking some big-time rules. 
The NCAA placed Saint Mary's on four years of probation Friday for a "failure to monitor its men's basketball program," reducing scholarships and placing other penalties on the team after the governing body said the tiny Catholic college committed several recruiting violations.
A report by the NCAA Committee on Infractions found that Gaels coach Randy Bennett "failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance," particularly over the recruiting practices of a former assistant. 
So fewer aspiring foreign basketball players will be given the chance to attend an American university.  Fewer will have the opportunity afforded to NBA player Patty Mills and (soon to be NBA player?) Matthew Dellavedova to apprentice for a paying gig in basketball.

And, the NCAA still manages to occupy the moral high ground, all the while earning billions of dollars from the uncompensated labor of college athletes!

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