Sunday, April 29, 2012

Send in the Marines

But hold the door open for them;

Commandant Gen. James Amos this week ordered that certain jobs previously meant for men now be opened to women as well. In some cases, the change is meant as a test to help Amos make recommendations about a possible permanent shift.
Along with outlining the billets and ranks involved, Amos included a warning in his message that he will not tolerate any foot-dragging in the ranks.
"I expect all leaders to be fully committed to providing every Marine the opportunity to compete and excel while sustaining unit effectiveness, readiness and cohesion, and maintaining good order and discipline," Amos said in his message to all Marines.
Amos' order comes as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered all the services to no longer restrict women from certain jobs because those jobs are "co-located" with ground combat units. Women will continue to be prohibited from direct involvement in combat units and special-operations units.
One wonders how well such an attitude would work coming from the Commissioner of the NFL or the NBA. 

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